Understanding 2-Point Statistics

Posted by Ahmet Cecen on October 4, 2016

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Ahmet Cecen

Data Scientist / Materials Informatics

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Brief Visual Explanation of PCA

Brief Visual Explanation of PCA

Frequentist Approach

If I threw a particular vector at every possible location in this image, what fraction of them will land both on white pixels.


Bayesian Approach

I have a paper with 2 holes in it seperated by a particular vector. If I put this paper on a random location on top of the image, what is the probability that I will see a white pixel on both holes, given both holes reside within the image.


Topological Approach

Normally, the location of each pixel in the image is described by a vector from the x axis, and a vector from the y axis. If I instead describe each white point, by vectors from every other white point in the image, how many times would I observe a particular vector (normalized by the number of points/vectors).